On Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 *Edwardo Jackson*, CEO-Founder of CD3D, participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Crypto Mutant's Telegram Chat to inform all the community with everything that CD3D will bring to the crypto world.

A Transcript of the AMA can be found below, along with important links to the live messages.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):

There will be 4 segment

Segment 1 Introduction segment : we will mute the group and Guests will introduce them and there project we will ask some Questions.

Segment 2 Twitter Segment : 5 Best Twitter Questions choosed by CD3D team,
Guest will Answer the Questions.

Segment 3 Q&A segment : after unmute of group users can ask questions we will mute group again in 5 minutes, 5 best Questions will be choosen as winners .

Segment 4 Quiz Segment : In Quiz segment there will be 10 Questions top 5 win. 15 seconds to Answer, Questions bot will be used for Quiz.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
I will be welcoming our guest!

CD3D dApp,
hi, everyone. Thanks for having me


Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
You are welcome to Cryptomutant! It's an honor having you

I'm Telms and I will be handling the first 3 segments of the AMA. I hope you enjoy the journey!! 🚀🚀

Our guest, can you briefly introduce yourself to the community?

CD3D dApp,
[In reply to Telms (Crypto Mutant Team)] sure, would love to

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Great! Kindly do.

CD3D dApp,
I'm Edwardo Jackson, CEO/Founder and creator of the CinemaDraft game and CD3D token project.

I’ve enjoyed a few careers, most notably as a published author, Hollywood screenwriter, small-stakes professional poker player, and content marketer. I had the general idea of gamifying Hollywood box office results with my management team as a working writer in Los Angeles, some 15 years ago. With the rise of daily fantasy sports (DFS) in North America, I started to create the game mechanics of what would be CinemaDraft.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
That great!

There are amazing questions which members of our community would love to get answers to. Hope you are fully ready for it?

CD3D dApp,

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
The first section is the introduction aspect.
We have 3 introductory questions which will come in after this message. Let's go 🚀🚀

Here is the first question.
Q1. Give us the elevator pitch for CD3D.

CD3D dApp,
got it

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,

CD3D dApp,
CD3D is a Binance Smart Chain-based smart contract dApp token to serve as the in-game economy for the CinemaDraft gaming platform. The token features a 10% transaction fee with 2.4% overall burned/removed from circulation, 1.6% buyback then burned, and 6% returned to holders as dividends. In addition to using it for discounts on CinemaDraft merchandise and services, owners can use it play in CD3D paid contests, hold it for dividends based on transactional revenue, or take profits due to price appreciation from increased utility and scarcity as a deflationary token.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
That was amazing. Now to the next question

Q2. Give us the elevator pitch for YOU. Tell us a little about yourself and why you’re creating yet another DeFi token.

CD3D dApp,
Well I covered some of it in the intro, as far as my background.

I’ve been planning CD3D, in some way or another, for the last 3 years. I saw the idea of a dividend-producing ETH token in P3D in the spring-summer of 2018 - how popular it was - and thought that if only it had a PRODUCT behind it, it could actually be long-term sustainable/profitable.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Similar to the self introduction. I believe you have more to unveil.

Also, I’ve been a crypto enthusiast since 2013, buying my first bitcoin April 2013 and having started my educational hobby site BlacksinBitcoin.com in 2014 to spread awareness to traditionally underserved communities.

And as the admin of the 18K+ member Facebook community Black People & Cryptocurrency, I’m exposed on a daily basis to the best and worst of crypto and DeFi. As you can see from the features in CD3D, we’re going with the BEST of it. Besides having a real use case as the gaming token for our upcoming CinemaDraft platform (in development), also we aim to create a Bounce Finance-like self-service DEX launchpad, but with a variety of different sale types, low fees, and friendly to gaming tokens.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Now to the final question in this section!

Q3). There are so many DeFi tokens out there. What makes CD3D different?

CD3D dApp,
In a word, longevity.

Yes, we want you to realize and take some profits after the sale is over. However, with our emphasis on giving out regular, but limited liquidity - primarily on our own platform - rewards for holding over 30 days, and ACTUAL utility on a gaming platform, everything we’ve done is to ensure the longterm profitability of the token.

We’ve locked 33% of our Marketing tokens for two years so we have funds in the future to still attract new players and entertain existing ones.

Our team tokens are only 2% of the supply - and locked for the first 90 days and then only distributed in quarters, every 90 days for a year.

I have been working on this game for the last five years, 90% bootstrapped with my own money (and debt!). We’re in this for the long haul - not a quick cash grab.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Let's move to the next section

We will be coming with questions asked by Twitter users. Am sure you are ready for them!!!

  1. What games should we expect from cd3d in few moments from now after lunching how do also. Intend to protect gamers data as hackers exploit every platform this days


CD3D dApp,
yes, let's gooooooo

Great question.

CD3D dApp,
DraftStream is our initial game, in development, concentrating on streaming content for the North American market (think Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.). It’s just like our movie game but with an emphasis on streaming service content with scoring coming from both critical and audience ratings. We expect to have it in testnet in 6-8 weeks.

Here’s a video explainer of the DraftStream game: https://youtu.be/8mwvUl28eQM
Here’s a UI/UX design lookbook of how the game will look when built: https://bit.ly/3mo3ahl

ANYWAYS, about 4-6 months after DraftStream launches, that’s when we will launch our Star Cards celebrity NFT integration. Not only will you be able to win CD3D picking the best performing shows and stars each week, but then you’ll also be able to own the celebrity NFT that will ALSO earn more CD3D based on the performance of the actors in the game.

As far as data security goes, the only centralized portions of our game will be the talent pool of actors and shows you have to choose from each week. As a largely decentralized app, your personal data will be as secure as you maintain your Web3.js-compatible wallet (i.e. Metamask).

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Let's move to the next question

CD3D dApp,

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,

  1. Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and token to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the blockchain world?


CD3D dApp,
Everything we’ve done with this token has been with a LONGTERM mentality.

We are going to be active participants in buying back tokens to help the overall longterm value of the token and project, so we have bought back tokens where we could.

If there's scarcity of tokens or liquidity available, then that is by DESIGN. Please read our whitepaper, readily available on our site at https://cd3d.app. We mention all the various ways we aim to create scarcity of the token from our burn, auto buyback and burn, and monthly liquidity releases to increase the buy/hold pressure of the token.

While I’m sure this approach may frustrate noninvestors looking for a handout to dump, when this token is 100-1000x a year from now, they will wish they had respected the design of the token and the aims of the project to have been a profits-taking holder instead. We will ALWAYS prioritize the LONGTERM health of the token project over everything else.

As far as our future plans, well, the year’s almost done, but I’d have to say our top priorities are:

Executing a successful fair launch token sale to fund our game and DEX launchpad platforms
Launch the CinemaDraft game
Launch the full-blown DEX launchpad and start hosting third-party token sales

That’s plenty right there. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the pure text of our short term roadmap:

Q4 2021
ICO token sales
Provide liquidity on http://CD3D.app & others
Launch testnet CinemaDraft DraftStream TV streaming game
Launch DEX launchpad
Begin staking rewards

Q1 2022
CinemaDraft DraftStream mainnet
Host third-party token launches
Token listings on DEXs & CEXs
Launch http://DailyFantasyMovies.com strategy site

Q2 2022
Start Community Jackpot Fund payouts
Launch Star Cards celebrity NFTs
Community Rewards payouts to Star Cards owners

Q3 2022
Launch Star Cards auction marketplace
Launch Star Cards free play-to-earn profit-share system
Launch CinemaDraft movie game

Sponsored contests
International box office-focused contests & talent pools
Celebrity partnerships/hosted contests
New game variants, season-long leagues, etc.
Music, politics, and other content variants

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Next question!!!

CD3D dApp,

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,

  1. You have a very important token offering at PinkSale that will start this coming October 22nd.
    What are the Team Challenges and Preparations going into this Big Event?
    Do you anticipate a Sold-out success?


Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
[I'm reply to Telms (Crypto Mutant Team)] A very vital question

CD3D dApp,
Our biggest challenge is getting the word out - which is why I’m here! We have deployed a variety of marketing across different media to promote awareness. In addition to this AMA, I’m doing an AMA for the 100K+ PinkSale investor community AT THE SAME TIME our sale starts on the 22nd. We have a highly engaged email database that we have been informing of the sale. And, finally, we’re doing what we can to generate word of mouth through our Twitter (25K followers), Telegram discussion group (10.1K members), Medium (8.6K followers), and more.

I’m hesitant to predict anything in this crypto game - I’ve been in it too long to be too sure about anything! As we have NOT instituted a whitelist, this will be a First Come, First Served (FCFS) situation to create a maximum amount of FOMO. Please be ready to roll at 12PM GMT, October 22nd!

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Beautiful! We all anticipate huge success

Now to the next question

CD3D dApp,

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,

  1. As the native token of Cinema draft game, does $CD3D only act as a currency for playing the game and as a payment currency? Can the users stake the token to earn more or can make decisions and vote?


CD3D dApp,
In addition to being our in-game token economy, we’re excited to have CD3D be the exchange token for a future DEX launchpad to help other gaming tokens launch. We have studied a lot of different launchpad styles out there and are determined to bring something cool, unique, with a variety of features that we have yet to see all in one launchpad.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Every investor wants to earn more 🚀🚀

CD3D dApp,
We have applied to several popular platforms for farming/staking opportunities and look forward to being able to host the same on our own platform after our sales provide funding enough to build out our ambitions.

In creating the game, we had a vital, instrumental group of players who helped us figure out the game mechanics of the CinemaDraft game. It evolved from a bunch of Google spreadsheets to a working MVP for 11 months a few years ago. Without their feedback, there would be no game.

Although we don’t have any plans for voting at this time, I expect the same level of engagement and feedback from the CD3D community as we add features to the DEX or where to add liquidity and farming with our monthly releases. I look forward to your feedback!

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
That was a great response

thank you kindly

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
We will be moving to the last question In this section!

  1. There’s a 10% transaction cost which is nice for price pumping but I believe it is a deterrent for major VCs to participate. Do you agree and will there be any adjustments in the future?


CD3D dApp,
As I’m sure you’re aware, once a smart contract is deployed, there’s no turning back. With transaction fees turned on, there’s not much financially we can change - or would even want to change - with the way the token contract works.

Actually, we have a 10% buy and FIFTEEN percent sell fee, to encourage holding and longterm profitability. For far too long, VCs have had the game rigged in their favor, often squeezing out the average investor. This is why we were a 100% fair launch with a batch/Dutch auction style sale, so big investors couldn’t push out ordinary ones with any of the schemes you find in regular token sales. This is also why there’s a 150,000 CD3D (0.15% of the token supply) limit per transaction - our anti-whale protocol.

While we can appreciate the liquidity VCs may bring to the market, we also want our token and gaming company optimized for longterm, average player/holder success!

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Funds are safu!

CD3D dApp,

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
We have finally concluded the Twitter questions part of the AMA.

CD3D dApp,
thanks, that was great

Next segment starts: Live questions

CD3D dApp,
I'm ready.


Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Let's go

That was a massive one!

CD3D dApp,

I'll do my best!

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
[In reply to CD3D dApp] 👍

That was indeed an influx of questions

(Unknown user),
Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

What is the revenue model of CD3Dapp? How do you generate revenue/profits? So many projects like to talk about "long-term vision and mission", but what are your short-term goals? What are you paying attention to now?

Vivienne Espinoza,
Do you have an ambassador program available? If yes, how can I join it? And may I know what’s the benefit available for the ambassador?

Huyen Coa,
For non english speakers and south east asia market do you have any community who don't understand English?

Bilal Kaan,
There is a 40% "dead" share in the tokenomics you shared for CD3D. What exactly does this mean?

CD3D dApp,
[In reply to (Unknown user)] Sure. As mentioned earlier, we're focused on longterm viability with everything we do. 20M (20%) of our tokens have been locked away for liquidity, with only 500K released every month for the next several years. This is designed to keep the scarcity of the token and liquidity up, and the buy pressure high.

Also we have 8% reserved for Community Jackpot Fun. This will release 500K CD3D every 90 days, lottery style, to our most active PLAYERS in the CinemaDraft gaming community. We also have 3% of our dividend rewards going to a Staking Pool, where tokenholders who have tokens 30 days or older may collect their proportional percentage of the pool.

So as we execute our vision with releasing the DraftStream game, celebrity NFTs, and more, the value of the token should only rise over time with UTILITY.

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
[Sticker 🚀]

CD3D dApp,
[In reply to Rehmaan] Revenue from CD3D comes from both the gaming side (commission from CD3D entries to win CD3D games) as well as from the DEX launchpad side (fees from other gaming tokens looking to launch, exchange-like activity). Also, we receive 15% of the 6% dividends built into the 10% transaction fee of every transaction.

As far as short-term value actions, we are aggressively buying back our token whenever we feel the price has dipped too low and if we have funds available. Over time, the utility of the game and DEX themselves should be sufficient enough for both short term and long-term gains.

CD3D dApp,
[In reply to Vivienne Espinoza] While we do not have an ambassador program, we will have a referral program. Anyone who signs up under your referral link and buys CD3D from our DEX will give you 33% of their dividends.

This feature is in development at the moment and not ready for public use.

CD3D dApp,
[In reply to Huyen Coa] Great question! We are blessed to have an international, distributed team spanning 5 countries and as many time zones. 32% of our Telegram community is Malaysian.

While we currently don't any specific language communities officially being run by us, we look forward to engaging with trustworthy, dependable community managers from key languages and regions after our ICO sales are done and we have established our budget moving forward.

In the meantime, please enjoy our whitepaper in SEVERAL different languages here: https://cinemadraft.medium.com/cd3d-international-language-whitepapers-9bea4dfd86bd

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Wow! Amazing answers to the beautiful questions.

Awaiting the last one

CD3D dApp,
[In reply to Bilal Kaan] And finally, I'll end with this.

At deployment, we burned 40M (40%) of our token supply to a "dead" address, to account for the 2.4% transaction fee burn rate. All deflationary tokens with burn do this; SafeMoon's is like 53% or something like that. By reducing the token supply at the beginning so dramatically, we aim to add that to our deflationary mix in reducing supply, increasing buy pressure, and adding more value to your investment token.


Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Thanks for taking your time to analyze and explain in details to our community.

CD3D dApp,
thanks for having me


Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Its was honour to hold AMA With you 😎

CD3D dApp,
sorry, I have to run but it's been a pleasure being in the CryptoMutant community!

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Hopefully success for CD3D

CD3D dApp,

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
[In reply to CD3D dApp] Thanks Alot

CD3D dApp,
[Sticker 😍]

[Sticker ♥️]

Telms (Crypto Mutant Team):,
Follow CD3D here :
Twitter : https://twitter.com/CD3DApp
Telegram : https://t.me/CD3DToken


Start of the AMA
End of AMA

We were really amazed and it was a wonderful experience to learn about their project. Make sure you follow them on socials to stay well updated with the latest news about CD3D.